Mature Age Apprenticeships QLD

Mature Age Apprenticeships QLD

Queensland is the third most populous state in the country, with a population of five million.  It is home to 10 of the Australia’s 30 biggest cities, with Brisbane, it’s capital, being the largest.  Agriculture and tourism are major industries in the state, which produces many different types of tropical fruits and vegetables and is home to many natural parks, including the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Cairns.

Programs In QLD

The Queensland government passed the “Further Education and Training Act” of 2014 to reform the regulation of apprenticeships and traineeships to fall in line more with national standards.  Some changes included:

  • Reducing the time for lodging a training contract to 28 days
  • Reducing red tape in the training process
  • Allowing the apprentice to transfer a training contract to another employer

For a detailed breakdown of the act, take a look at:


The Queensland government identifies wages as they are defined by the Fair Work Ombudsman national website.  Again, wages will vary based on the industry, your age, and whether you have finished year 12, so going to the fair work website will give you more detailed information about the wages in your specific industry according to your personal situation.

You can also use the P.A.C.T (Pay and Conditions Tool) tool on the Queensland Government website to calculate wages depending on your circumstances:

Alternatively, you can simply call the Fair Work Ombudsman directly to get more information for your specific circumstances. Their phone number is 13 13 94.


Queensland offers a few incentives that make the apprenticeship training process more affordable. 

  • Free training for year 12 graduates in selected apprenticeships
  • Skilling Queenslanders For Work Program is a six-year government initiative to help unemployed or underemployed job seekers get into the workplace (read more here)
  • Travel and accommodation subsidies
  • Financial support and loans (offered nationally)
  • Disability support

Popular adult apprenticeships

Like most other states, apprenticeships as technicians and trade workers is by far the most popular industry.  Construction and welders are two of the most popular adult apprenticeships.  However, due to a booming tourism industry, apprenticeships in tourism have also become quite popular.

How to get an apprenticeship in Queensland

You can view a list of TAFE courses offered in Queensland here and here.