Mature Age Apprenticeships SA

Mature Age Apprenticeships SA

One of the least populated states in Australia, most of South Australia’s population resides within its capital, Adelaide.  The state’s largest employment sector is health care and social assistance, while automotive manufacturing also contributes substantially to South Australia’s GDP.


South Australia has an apprentice and trainee development program called “Skilling South Australia”, which is “investing in apprentices and traineeships to grow business, the economy and keep young people in South Australia” (Source: Their goal is to reform the state’s training system and add an additional 20,800 jobs over the next four years (  Some projects that are already underway include supporting tourism careers in regional SA, creating 30 new apprenticeship positions for meat butchers, and an automotive apprenticeship pathways project.  For a detailed list of the projects underway through the Skilling South Australia initiative, visit their website.


Similar to the rest of the states in Australia, South Australia’s wages for adult apprentices fall under the limits set forth in the Fair Work Ombudsman website (  These limits will vary based on the awards set by the industry covered by the apprenticeship.

Popular Apprenticeships

Some of the more popular apprenticeships in South Australia include Automotive Technician, Conservation and Land Management, and Engineering.  (source: It would also be helpful to look at the list of development projects offered through the Skilling South Australia initiative.

How to Apply

You can explore possible career opportunities in South Australia through their website, or take a look at the TAFE school offered in the Adelaide metropolitan region here.