Mature Age Apprenticeships Victoria

Mature Age Apprenticeships Victoria

Victoria is home to Melbourne, the second largest city in Australia.  Health care services, education, retail trade, manufacturing and construction account for the largest percentages of the workforce, while agriculture accounts for almost 25 percent of Australia’s total production.  The state also produces about two-thirds of the country’s milk and dairy.


Victoria’s “Skills First” initiative was started in 2017, and seeks to reform the TAFE programs in Victoria and evolve the programs so they are equipped to adapt to changing technological and social demands.  The government has identified several growth sectors, including:

  • Medical technology and pharmaceuticals
  • New energy technology
  • Food and fibre
  • Transport
  • Defense and construction technology
  • International education and professional services

This commitment to improving the TAFE system means many incentives and funding options for those seeking to become apprentices.  For more information about the Skills First initiative, visit Victoria’s government website here.

Victoria’s Rights and Responsibilities Checklist

The state government also has a very useful checklist for apprenticeship candidates to make sure they are doing everything possible to successfully complete their apprenticeship.  Some of the items on the checklist include:

  • Making sure your training contract is valid
  • Having a training plan
  • Workplace supervision
  • Suitable workplace equipment
  • Competency-based completion
  • Industrial awards

For the complete checklist, see the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority website here.


Wages for adult apprentices in Victoria will fall under either the national minimum wage requirement of $695/week or the award given for whichever industry you are interested in completing your apprenticeship in.

Popular Apprenticeships

Technical and trade work are overwhelmingly popular choices for apprenticeships in Victoria (source:, with electricians, carpentry and plumbing being three of the more popular subsets of these.  However, it could be useful to take a look at the Skills First initiative’s high-priority growth sectors when making your final decision.  Health services are also popular apprenticeship options.

How to Apply

Visit the Victorian government’s state website to find a training course through the Victorian Skills Gateway here, or have a look at TAFE’s website for the greater Melbourne area here.